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What do you use plywood for

You may have walked down the lumber aisle at a home improvement store and wondered what plywood was used for. Before we can jump into the multitude of projects it is useful in, we first got to get a good understanding of what plywood is, and the different types they come in.

What is plywood?

This is an engineered form of wood that is composed of multiple thin layers glued together, with the wood grain rotated 90 degrees from each other. Plywood comes in in different types of materials, thicknesses, and manufacturing qualities.

What are the different types of plywood?

There are several types of plywood such as softwood, hardwood, and tropical – all of which are made from different types of wood. Other varieties that you might come across are decorative and flexible, while specialty marine and aircraft variants exist as well.

What material is plywood made from?

Just about any piece of wood you can imagine – softwood models are made from cedar, Douglas firs, and pine. While hardwood models are made from angiosperms and others being composed of everything from mahogany, ash, oak, and maple.What about other materials?
There are many types of materials out than wood that plywood can be made out of. There are the study composite and blackboard, along with the rot-resistant foam board. Medium-density fiberboard, or simply MDF is often used as well.

How is plywood made?

Plywood is produced from a log of wood that goes through a peeler. The log is laid horizontally inside of this peeler, with a thin piece of wood taking the outer layer off. These sheets are then glued and baked together at around 284°F and kept at a high pressure.

What chemicals are used in plywood construction?

It can depend on what type you are getting, with interior models using a urea-formaldehyde glue, and exterior using a more water resistant phenol-formaldehyde glue. Sometimes anti-fungal chemicals, fire retardants, and sealers are added in production to increase strength.

What is plywood classification?

Pretty much plywood is often cut into two groups – construction and decorative. Different grades are applied to construction types – N, A, B, C, or D, with N being the best. Decorative is rated on its resistance to moisture Technical, and Type I – III, with technical being the most resistant.

So, what can plywood be used for?

Plywood is often used in major construction projects, being used for everything from a beginning of floorboards, roofing, and in the walls. Plywood can also have many general uses – everything from a doghouse to workbenches and skateboard ramps.

How is plywood used in walls?

Most homes built in America have a sheet of plywood located somewhere in the wall. It is typically used in 2’ x 4’ sections and nailed to the frame. This strengthens the frame while at the same time providing insulation and strength against the elements.

How is it used in roofing and flooring?

Plywood panels are often incorporated into the tops and bottoms of the house in much the same way they are in the walls – nailing to the frame. In the floor, this provides a base to add actual flooring, while the roof it creates a base for the shingles.

What kind of plywood should I use?

This really depends on what you are doing – if your plywood is going to be located out of sight, then a lower grade plywood will probably be fine. If used in furniture applications you’re going to want something that is prettier, so it’s best to go with something that has fewer knots.

How do I make plywood look like a solid piece of wood?

If you are one of those people that think that plywood looks ugly, merely get a high-quality piece and attach an edge banding to it. Merely cut off the excess with knife or router, and then use a piece of sandpaper to get rid of the rough edges.

What are the best brands for plywood?

Plywood companies are an international affair as wood is found just about everywhere – the best brands for plywood are probably the Korean based MKTI, the India based Century Ply-boards LTD, and Chinese based Sinoply company.

Is there anything else I should know?

Plywood can be used in a wide variety of applications – often a backbone of home and commercial construction projects, it can also be found in many smaller woodworking items. Plywood comes in many different styles, types, and materials depending on what you need.

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